6 Advantages Of MP4 That You Never Knew About

What is common to an AVI file format and Win amp music player? Both of them are archaic and rarely used in today’s lightning-speed technology. However, the truth remains that AVI is supported by a majority of music players and you can easily convert mp4 to AVI using this software. Before you do so, search for related articles on www.digitaltrends.com and you will know why mp4 is the most preferred.

MP4 And AVI At A Glance
Before talking about the advantages, let us take a look at the meaning of these two file formats.

MPEG-4 or MP4 is a similar format that supports both audio and video. It was developed by the Moving Picture Expert Group (MPEG), and MP4 is a multimedia container that is specified as part of MPEG-4.

The major feature is that in addition to storing the content, you can save the subtitles and images. This is commonly used format and allows uninterrupted streaming of information over the Internet.

Here Are Some Of The Advantages Of Mp4 Over AVI:
1. Video Quality Remains Same- One of the major concerns was regarding the quality of video after conversion to an AVI format. The answer is that the video quality does not get affected when converted to MP4 format. There are extra features that will actually make your video look and sound great.

Most of the video editors support MP4 as it permits the use of lossless compression codecs which enables you to manage the workflow in an MP4 format.

2. Easily Shared- Don’t we all love to share the latest music video or let your friends know about the video you just made? When your content is in MP4 format, they can easily be shared across social media platforms and the digital space.

3. Data Streaming- The video or audio file has all the details inside it. When the file is played on a music player, the container that has the details will forward the data seamlessly to the player. The compressed file can be played directly, and there is an additional software download.

4. Metadata- MP4 files contain metadata of all the media files. It includes details like the size of the file, duration of audio/video, speed in FPS, and the subtitle if present. This is unlike an AVI that makes use of large chunks to store additional information about the file.

5. Widely Used
All portable gadgets like Sony, Android, and Apple makes use of the file container, and most of the media players run this MP4 container.

6. Easily Compressed
In case your content is too large to upload to the Internet, MP4 presents the user with several formatting options to compress the file. QuickTime Player has options for compressing and exporting MP4 files so they can be converted into smaller file sizes.

Make sure to pick a convertor which affects the quality which converting and easier to download and share. You can go to the website and follow the steps provided to convert easily and quickly.

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