s300_rocketsciencelogo960If you are wondering if you should “learn how to start making a website,” then you aren’t alone. Totally clueless? That’s perfectly normal. The average internet user has totally no idea when it comes to developing a website from scratch. Most of us are of the opinion that building a web page is something that only an IT geek can do. However, with the right tools and a little time spent studying the right resources, you can build a great looking website all on your own. wpbeginner.com is an excellent site to begin as it contains simple guides that take you through the entire process step-by-step.

Before we give you the tools that you need to get started with your web page, we would like to bust a popular myth that has been doing the rounds for quite some time.

Myth: You must know advanced web coding to build a site from scratch.
Absolutely wrong! While this may have been true a few years back, it holds no bearing today. You can create an entirely functional and sleek site without writing even a single line of code. There are several drag and drop tools, that help you design your site, just by placing the various elements in different parts of the screen.

Wix.com, Weebly, Jindo and Squarespace are the most common ones. If you aren’t acquainted with these simple tools, then read on as we explain how to get your site up in a day and without breaking your bank balance.

Understand the Process for Building Websites, that’s in Use Today
With a rapid growth in technology, the internet has advanced far more rapidly than what experts predicted. Social media rules and Google is the sole authority when it comes to 90% of searches online and you can build a site on your own. The number of people who are building websites every single is enormous. People are building sites to promote their products or services or to connect with their customers or to establish a name for their brand online.

The reasons are endless, but the basic procedure used for building all types of websites irrespective of the size, features and purposes is the same. The only thing that varies from one developer to another is the tools that he/she makes use of.

Which Website Builder should you Use?
Each website builder comes with its own sets of pros and cons. Some are easy to master while some other require more time spent on learning the interface before you can use it skillfully. The general guideline is that more complex and sophisticated the website builder is, the steeper the learning curve.

For instance, WordPress is an advanced and flexible builder, with which you can create a dynamic site. However, the time you spend on learning the ins and outs of WP before you can build an effective website is more than the average WYSIWYG builder. Ultimately, it all comes down to your preference and aptitude. Are you willing to spend extra hours practicing a sophisticated builder or would you get started right away?

Whatever be your answer, the one fact that remains is that anyone can learn to build a website on their own. So get started today!

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