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Life insurance is a complex calculation for several. Most often than not, many of us do not know how much cover do we require, which of the plans or at which age should we be going for life insurance.Before you take upon life insurance, there are a few things to consider.

Whether Or Not To Take It
You may or may not require life insurance. Though it is always desirable to take upon life cover, yet if you have enough savings and do not have dependents, you might as well do without life insurance too. Calculating the right life insurance cover is a complicated procedure and just might prove to be expensive for those who do not get the calculation right. Therefore, before you go through the entire rigmarole, delve whether or not you need this. Life insurance does play a crucial role in times of death of spouse or parent (in case of a minor child). Therefore if you have dependents, there is no doubt that you do require to take a life cover.

Determine The Amount
This is by far the trickiest decision to take when you decide to take a life cover. The amount of insurance that you decide to take upon would, in turn, decide the amount that you are required to shell out at periodic intervals for the premiums. Insurance premiums are calculated factoring in the age, gender, and risks associated with way of health and working conditions. Therefore, two different people could be paying different premium amounts for the same amount of life cover owing to above factors. The amount of insurance that you need would essentially depend on either of these factors

1. Income replacement: This essentially means the income of a person when he/she is unable to work. That is this kind of insurance will give you steady income even when you are not in a condition to earn or in the event of death. Here, insurance amount is calculated keeping in mind the person’s present income and inflation.

2. Need-based: Need-based insurance amount is calculated concerning factors such as children’s education, spouse’s ability or inability to work, the loans, all in the event of death. This is a complicated calculation.

There are two options available here.
1. Term insurance: the cover that remains in effect for a specific period. This is not an investment option and has a lower premium than cash value insurance.
2. Cash value insurance: This is the investment based insurance option that is difficult to calculate and therefore requires careful planning.

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